About us

MariaGomes.com was born in May 2017 as a subsidiary of Waving Wines. Waving Wines is the company name under which Reggie Smith has been importing Portuguese wine since 2004. Only special wines from special wineries which are all committed to nature and culture. Through the webshop it is now possible for everyone to enjoy our special range of wines. And don't forget our delicious canned fish from Nero Conservas!

For questions and/or comments, I am (almost) always available to you.

Reggie Smith
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And the name?

Maria Gomes: a beautiful woman, a delicious grape, a lovely village in Portugal. You name it, she is it all. Maria Gomes sounds like an Iberian fairy tale, her name captured our imagination.

The grape

She may not be well known, but the Maria Gomes is one of Portugal's most widely planted white grapes. In the Bairrada she is known as Maria Gomes, in the rest of Portugal she is better known as the Fernão Pires. ( also a transformation of gender 😉 From Maria to Fernão.

She is loved by the winemaker because she gives a hefty yield per acre. And the wine drinker doesn't spit in it either. For she gives seductive floral wines. The grape is planted throughout Portugal, but originally mainly in the Bairrada region.